Orthodontics with Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Dental clear aligners are an alternative to traditional orthodontics with braces. They are prescribed in cases of light crowding of teeth and to open or close spaces. They are also recommended for people who have already undergone orthodontic treatment with braces and who, over the years, their teeth have moved again.

For dental implants treatments, they are the perfect complement to open space for the new crown. Normally, when a tooth is lost, the adjacent ones tend to move inward, closing the space occupied by the original tooth. With this solution you do not have to places braces the entire denture, only the teeth that need to be moved are intervened.

How is the treatment with dental aligners?

The process begins with an intraoral scan of the mouth, and a 3D CT scan, both studies are combined in a special analysis and design software, where the orthodontist virtually moves the teeth until optimal occlusion is achieved, from there A series of dental models is generated in which each one makes a slight movement to the teeth according to the plan, these dental models are manufactured in a 3D printer with a special resin that can withstand high temperatures without deforming, this is essential for The next step is the thermoforming of the acrylic to manufacture the aligner. The acrylic used is also special because it must withstand the forces of the bite, attacks by bacteria and other agents that exist in the mouth.

The patient must be disciplined to wear each aligner for at least twelve hours a day until completing their treatment; each aligner has an expiration date of three to four weeks from the first time it was used.

Benefits of clear aligners vs braces

Aesthetics: since they are transparent, they are almost invisible, so they offer better aesthetics than the best aesthetic brackets on the market.

Removables: they can be placed and removed at will, which is not the case with braces, although this also presents a disadvantage for patients who are not disciplined.

Hygienic: the feature of being able to remove them easily makes it possible to brush your teeth regularly, while braces make brushing and flossing difficult.

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