Removable Denture on Implants

Removable Denture on Implants

Rehabilitation Treatment

For patients who have lost all their teeth, the solution of dental plates can be very uncomfortable as they do not have the correct fit, they fall off when speaking or laughing, sometimes they are removed to eat, there is no good phonetics when speaking, They only fulfill an aesthetic function but not a functional one.

When it is not possible to place enough implants for a fixed denture or bar because there is not adequate bone density, removable dentures are an option.

It does not offer the same stability and functionality as a fixed denture on implants, but it is better than a traditional dental plate as it is fixed with clasps and not adhesives, in addition to being a more economical option than fixed dentures as it uses fewer implants and is easily removed. The patient himself can provide maintenance.

In this case, the denture is “clasped” to the implants to make their removal and cleaning easy. The “clasp” can have various fixation settings depending on the patient.

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