Dental Crown on Implant

Dental Crown on Implant

Rehabilitation Treatment

It is a treatment that replaces the loss of a tooth without affecting the adjacent dental pieces, returning the aesthetics and functionality of the original tooth.

It basically consists of the placement of an implant and on top of this implant a crown in the shape of the tooth.

It is recommended to start the treatment when the tooth already has considerable damage and cannot be rehabilitated; an extraction and preservation of the socket must be performed. Early placement of the implant can be done between weeks 6 and 8 after the tooth is removed.

If a long time has passed since the tooth was lost, it is likely that the adjacent teeth have moved and space will have to be opened through orthodontic treatment and or perhaps regenerate the bone before placing the implant might be required.

Straumann Implant Rehabilitation

Prosthetic Rehabilitation

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